5th May 2015                             Map of Malta                                           All photos by Hetty

Today we walked down this south-west coast of Malta. (Photo taken on our flight home)S1057385 copy

We went by bus to the Dingli Cliffs, where a young lady was carrying the same leaflet as us, so we walked together.

11.2m = 7 miles, a lovely walk with wonderful views. It was very hot, but there was a welcome breeze and it was mainly downhill.

A small church on the cliffsS1056903 copy

There are fields below the cliffs, and the islet of FilfaS1056905 copy

Mr H and prehistoric cart tracksS1056908 copy

At the tip of a headland is a Bronze Age village siteS1056911 copy

There are several holes, maybe used for storageS1056919 copy

S1056922 copy

Looking back to the radar station where we startedS1056923 copy

S1056933 copyS1056934 copy

We are going to wind our way down the side of the cliff and take that path belowS1056929 copy

We were up there just nowS1056940 copy

S1056941 copy S1056943 copy


19th century aqueductS1056947 copy

S1056948 copy

We took a detour to two prehistoric temples (entry fee €9 adults)

The upper one is Ħaġar Qim, built 3600-3200 BC, much older than Stonehenge (about 2500Bc)

How did they quarry, shape, move and arrange these huge stones????

S1056949 copy S1056950 copy S1056952 copy

S1056953 copy

S1056956 copy

S1056957 copy

S1056959 copy S1056960 copy

S1056963 copy

Downhill is the Mnajdra temple under a tentS1056988 copyS1056964 copy

S1056967 copy

S1056968 copy

S1056974 copy

S1056977 copy

S1056978 copy

S1056979 copy

S1056983 copy

Our next stop is the creekS1056992 copy

The Blue Grotto is here, but you need to take a boat ride to see it, and we didn’t have timeS1056999 copyIt took about 2 hours to get back to Bugibba by bus

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