Hidcotes: Manor Gardens, Bartrim, Boyce and Mickleton

Gloucestershire                                                                                      All photos by Hetty

27th May 2022

Hidcote Manor Gardens

A series of different gardens on a lovely day                       www.nationaltrust.org.uk/hidcote




Hidcote Bartrim, Hidcote Boyce, Mickleton and Hidcote Manor Gardens

15th May 2015

We parked at Hidcote Manor, did a walk called Mickleton and the Hidcotes, then visited the lovely Hidcote Manor Gardens (National Trust)

Click here for map of walk  4.75 miles,  3 hours 15mins

Hidcote Bartrim

S1057400 copyS1057402 copy

An old well and village pond

S1057401 copy


S1057403 copy

Featherdown Farm

S1057404 copy

Horse chestnut flowers

S1057409 copy

S1057410 copy

Hidcote Boyce

S1057415 copy

S1057417 copy


S1057418 copy S1057419 copy

S1057421 copy

S1057422 copy

Rape fieldS1057426 copy

Lots of bluebells in the woodS1057469 copy

S1057428 copy


S1057429 copy S1057433 copy

Great views from the edge of the escarpmentS1057430 copy

Downhill to Mickleton                                                                           Sleepy sheep – what do they count??????

S1057435 copy

S1057438 copy  S1057440 copy

St Lawrence’s Church, Mickleton, originated in 12th century and has a 14th century tower.

S1057441 copy S1057442 copy

The sundial showed 12noon, but it was 1pm – you can’t put sundials on an hour

S1057443 copy

S1057449 copy

Late 12th century nave. One of the capitals has Eleanor of Aquitaine – Henry II’s queen (This part of the church was built during their reign)

S1057445 copy

St Lawrence

S1057451 copy S1057452 copy

Font – pedestal 15th century and octagonal bowl of c.1661, and 15th century parish chest

S1057448 copy



S1057447 copy

We saw a bit of Mickleton

S1057454 copy

S1057455 copy

S1057456 copy

S1057458 copy


S1057459 copy

S1057461 copy

Then walked back to the churchS1057462 copy

As we walked back uphill we could see Meon Hill (on right) – there is a hill fort and ramparts to discover on another day

S1057466 copy S1057467 copy

As we have just come back from Malta, we are really aware of the trees and green of England

S1057471 copy S1057472 copy

Avenues at Hidcote Gardens

S1057398 copy

S1057474 copy

Hidcote barn and chapel

S1057475 copy

S1057477 copy

Hidcote Manor covered in clematisS1057478 copy

There were lots of tulips

S1057480 copy

S1057481 copy

and all sorts of flowers

S1057482 copy S1057484 copy

S1057485 copy S1057486 copy S1057488 copy

Peonies and bleeding hearts – pink,

S1057490 copy

and whiteS1057495 copy



S1057491 copy S1057492 copy S1057493 copy  S1057509 copy


S1057496 copy

Inside a summerhouse

S1057497 copy

S1057500 copy S1057501 copy  S1057504 copy S1057505 copy

S1057507 copy S1057508 copy


S1057512 copyS1057518 copyS1057503 copy

Mr H sits in a summer house.                                                        One sculpture is made of stone, the other is painted

S1057513 copy S1057516 copy

S1057519 copy S1057521 copy

S1057523 copy

S1057524 copy

Nearby: Kiftsgate Court Gardens and Chipping Campden

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