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21st May 2021


15th October 2017

We spent an hour in Newbury walking along the canal

We took bird seed as we expected to find some hungry ducks


28th March 2016

Shaw House

Shaw House is not far from the city centre. It was built in 1581

S1050673 copy

S1050682 copy

It is now a training centre and Register Office

S1050674 copy

It has been restored

S1050676 copy

S1050677 copy

S1050678 copy

S1050679 copy

New wallpaper based on the old

S1050680 copy S1050681 copy

Newbury is on the river Kennet and used to be an inland port

S1050696 copyWhen it rained some of the swans went to sleep – standing up!

S1050698 copy


West Berkshire Museum is in the restored Granary and Cloth Hall, near the river

S1050689 copy

S1050690 copy

The Cloth Hall was built in 1626-27 as a cloth factory

S1050691 copy

Inside the former granary

S1050688 copy

Newbury Town Hall

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The Corn Exchange (opened 1861) in the Market Place is now an arts centre

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Aldermaston Wharf on the Kennet and Avon Canal

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Aldermaston Lock has unusual scalloped brick work

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