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21st June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

Stourhead Garden – National Trust – Palladian mansion and landscape garden

We visited this huge mansion (built 1720s) and gardens (1740-80) on our way home from Susses/Kent

S1058247 copy

S1058248 copy

S1058249 copy

Stable-yard with raised barn

S1058243 copy S1058244 copy S1058246 copy

Clock Arch

S1058250 copy

S1058255 copy

S1058251 copy

Walled garden

S1058253 copy

Dipping pool to fill watering cans

S1058254 copy

The ice house

S1058257 copy S1058259 copy

S1058263 copy

S1058265 copy


S1058266 copy  S1058269 copy

View to the Temple of Apollo

S1058273 copy


S1058275 copy S1058277 copy

Temple of Flora, 1745

S1058283 copy

S1058280 copy S1058281 copy S1058282 copy

Icing sugar bush

S1058284 copy S1058286 copy S1058287 copy

View to Temple of Apollo

S1058289 copy

Mr H enters the grotto

S1058297 copy S1058299 copy S1058300 copy S1058302 copy

The Gothic CottageS1058306 copy S1058307 copy

PantheonS1058309 copy S1058310 copy S1058311 copy S1058312 copy

Waterwheel and cascadeS1058313 copy S1058316 copy

The Grotto and Temple of Flora

S1058317 copy


Temple of ApolloS1058320 copy

S1058323 copy

S1058324 copy

S1058322 copy

Palladian Bridge and Pantheon

S1058327 copy

St Peter’s Church, StourtonS1058328 copy

Now the estate office, the family lived here while the House was refurbished in 1895, and after a fire in 1905

S1058330 copy Spread Eagle Inn

S1058332 copy

S1058331 copy

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