Saul Junction

Gloucestershire                                                                                             All photos by Hetty

Saul Junction is where the wide Gloucester and Sharpness Canal crosses the narrow Stroudwater Canal.

21st July 2021

It was a very hot day, so we just sat under a tree and watched the activity on the water

8th August 2015 – We saw some pirates on this boat

S1058924 aS1058924 sm


28th July 2015 with U3A photography group

We saw some activity on the canal

S1058793 copy

Crane in action

S1058814 copy

S1058834 copy

S1058843 copy

Painted boats

S1058796 copy

S1058841 copy


S1058797 copyS1058835 copy

S1058810 copyS1058801 copy

S1058836 copy

S1058804 copyS1058802 copy

S1058809 copy


S1058803 copy   S1058825 copyS1058805 copy

New uses for old boats

S1058799 copy

S1058800 copy


S1058798 copy

S1058807 copy

S1058808 copy


S1058811 copy

Jolly RogerS1058824 copy

What type of ducks?S1058827 copy


S1058818 copyS1058819 copy


S1058806 copyS1058838 copy


August 2014 – Saul Waterways Pageant

Parade of historic lifeboats on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal

At the Marina on the Stroudwater Canal

This was the donkey house – now a cafe

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