Near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

6th June 2016                                                    Photos by Hetty

Map of walk

Prestbury was first recorded in 899-904, as Preosdabyrig, meaning ‘the priests’ fortified place’.

We started at The Burgage

Prestbury House was occupied in the Civil War by Parliamentarians

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There are several thatched cottages in Prestbury

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Deep St

This was originally a Congregational Church, opened in 1866

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The Kings Arms in High St

S1051313 copyWisteria

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St Mary’s Church, was started in the 12th century, rebuilt 14th century, and resorted in 19th century

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The Plough in Mill St was  built c.1623 as a bakery

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Mill Street – We have fond memories of visiting Auntie Mary

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Looking up at Cleeve Common

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Prestbury Manor

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On the way to Queen’s Wood

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Malvern Hills in the distance

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The Race Course opened in 1902 – the first horse races were on Cleeve Hill in 1819. May Hill with the trees on top is in the distance

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This was Southam House, but is now Ellenborough Park (was Hotel De La Bere) – a Tudor Manor House dating from the 15th century

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Back in Prestbury

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Back to the church

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Back to the Burgage, where the market, granted in 1249, was held

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The Royal Oak Inn

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