Nailsworth to Ruskin Mill

Gloucestershire                                                                    Photos by Hetty

22nd November 2020         2.6 miles   Map of walk

N.B. The path through the college grounds is only open at weekends and evenings – i.e. when the college is not open

A walk from Nailsworth to Ruskin Mill – now a college

Ruskin Mill still has its mill pond

An interesting gate

There are a series of ponds

Horsley Mill – now part of Ruskin Mill College


We saw this stork

this one was real and went for a walk


Another walk from Nailsworth to Ruskin Mill

13th March 2016         Map of walk

We started at Old Market

S1050275 copy

S1050274 copy

Chestnut Hill

S1050277 copy S1050278 copy

The Britannia, Cossack Square

S1050276 copyMarket Street – north side

S1050279 copyS1050280 copy

Market St – south side

S1050284 copyS1050281 copy

Market Street – west side

S1050287 copy

S1050286 copy

Into Butcher’s Hill Lane

S1050285 copy

S1050289 copy


Into Brewery Lane

S1050291 copy

Parts of the old brewery

S1050292 copy S1050294 copy

Nailsworth Town Hall (previously a Methodist chapel) in Bristol Rd

S1050298 copy S1050297 copy

Views over the roof tops

S1050301 copy

S1050300 copy

An unusual porch

S1050304 copy

Ruskin Mill

S1050309 copy

S1050305 copy


S1050306 copy

S1050312 copy

S1050311 copy  S1050313 copy

S1050317 copy S1050318 copy

Looking down on Ruskin Mill and its mill pond

S1050323 copy

Looking from Rockness over Nailsworth, you can see the Town Hall and the road to the common, called the W, is behind

S1050339 copy

Looking towards Newmarket

S1050344 copy

Newmarket Road and Christ Church

S1050346 copy

Nailsworth Town Centre with St George’s church

S1050347 copy

Daffodils and snowdrops

S1050350 copy

S1050352 copy

Miry Brook

S1050353 copy

Once a paper mill, then foundry, then corn mill

S1050354 copy

Christ Church

S1050355 copy

Back in Old Market

S1050357 copy

St George’s Church,

S1050358 copy

Day’s Mill, from Old Market

S1050359 copy

Spring Hill

S1050363 copy

This used to be the Old George Hotel

S1050364 copy

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