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25th February 2022




13th November 2021

A new sculpture


26th February 2021

Daffodils were out as well as snowdrops


25th February 2019

We are having May weather in February, so had lunch outside then wandered around the gardens

They have planted lots of daffodils in the orchard


7th February 2018

A sunny day, so we ought to go and see snowdrops – where better than here?

Hetty took lots of pictures on our last visit, but couldn’t miss an opportunity for a reflection or two


30th January 2016                                                   


It was a lovely sunny morning, but with a cold wind. The garden is interesting any time of year as there are follies and sculptures to find.The restoration of the garden is based on a painting of 1748, when Painswick House was newly built.

The magnificent snowdrops are out early, as are daffodils and blossom, due to the mild winter.

S1059705 copy S1059708 copyS1059713 copyS1059767 copy

S1059812 copy

Eagle House

S1059711 copy S1059715 copy

S1059716 copy

A beech tree stump is now Neuschwanstein Castle (Bavaria)

S1059749 copyS1059750 copy

The Fish Pond

S1059717b copy S1059717c copy S1059719 copy S1059720 copy

Gothic Arch

S1059722 copy

The Pigeon House

S1059730 copy S1059734 copy#

View from the top

S1059736 copy S1059737 copy

S1059738 copy S1059741 copy

Rather large chestnuts and an owl in the tree

S1059744 copyS1059745 copy

Snowdrop Grove

S1059747 copy

S1059751 copyS1059752 copy

S1059754 copy

S1059758 copy

Plunge Pool and Spring Head

S1059759 copy S1059761 copy

Hellebores and catkins

S1059763 copy S1059765 copy

Yellow aconites and cyclamen

S1059771 copy

S1059814 copy

Doric Seat

S1059768 copy Exedra

S1059772 copy S1059776 copy

S1059779 copy

S1059778 copy

The Maze

S1059781 copy

View towards StroudS1059782 copy

 S1059786 copy

The Red House

S1059800 copyInside the Red House

S1059797 copyS1059791 copyS1059798 copy

S1059792 copy S1059794 copy

S1059799 copy

S1059806 copy

S1059803 copy

Was this one tree or two?

S1059804 copy

These sheep are not real

S1059805 copy

  S1059810 copy   S1059813 copy

S1059816 copy


Walk – Stroud to Painswick, via Bull’s Cross

Walk  – Painswick to Edge

Painswick Church

Prinknash Bird Park

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