Riomaggiore to Portovenere

Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

29th April 2015                                                                                      Introduction to this holiday

We did our longest walk on the best day – walk 5 in our book, which said it is one of the most exciting routes on the Riviera di Levante.

Distance 14km = 8.7 miles, maximum height reached 600m= 1970ft.

There is a steady climb of 500m = 1650ft at the beginning, and the descent is quite tricky in places.

We took the train from Levanto to Riomaggiore – another small town with steep, narrow streets, and walked up this old pilgrims route to a church at a wonderful view point

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S1056084 copy

Looking down on Riomaggiore and the coast to the north

2015-04-29 11.14.29 copy

Looking south

S1056094 copy

A monorail to take the grape harvest down to the wine cellars

S1056098 copy

We climbed up on to the ridge, and could see down both sides of the peninsula.

La Spezia is a large naval and container port

S1056104 copy

The base of an old windmill

S1056106 copy

Mr H wondering how Hetty will get up this huge step

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The path down was tricky, but the view was lovely

S1056115 copy

The Gulf of La Spezia

S1056120 copy

S1056123 copy

Portovenere’s castle and Palmaria island, at the end of the peninsula

S1056128 copy

San Pietro church sits on a rocky out crop

S1056130 copy

Nearly thereS1056131 copy

Portovenere‘s  12th century gate

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S1056133 copy

Portovenere’s harbour and very tall houses

S1056135 copy


S1056144 copy

S1056140 copy

S1056143 copyS1056155 copy

Palmaria island

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We went on this ferry to La Spezia, then by train back to Levanto

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S1056159 copy

La Spezia from the ferry. Earlier we were high up somewhere looking down on here

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