Campania, Italy                                                   All photos by Hetty

June 2012

We stayed at Meta di Sorrento, in an old house that had been converted into self-catering apartments It had a roof terrace, which had a view of the bay of Naples. We were on the top (3rd) floor, with views of mountains and over Sorrento.

View of Sorrento from the peninsula – Meta is nestled under the mountains

Meta church from our room

Sorrento from our room

We could also walk down hill to the beach, where we enjoyed a restaurant, just a few feet from the sea

Where we saw magnificent sunsets.

There are lemon trees everywhere, as well as olive trees and vines, and Sorrento has orange trees in the streets.

They also grow extra large lemons that are the size of melons. This was a stall in Pompeii

and there are lots of gorges

Sorrento’s Marina Grande (large) has small boats

and Marina Piccolo (small) has the large ferries

Paintings in a workingmen’s club in Sorrento

Vico Equense with Vesuvius across the bay.This is the next town when travelling from Meta, towards Naples

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