NAILSWORTH circular walks

Gloucestershire                                   Photos by Hetty

10th September 2022 Nailsworth Heritage Open Day

Stokes Croft and its stairacse

Wool warehouse – 1726


To Watledge

23rd January 2021

Market Street, Nailsworth

Glendower, home of W H Davis

Old Market, Nailsworth


Newmarket, Highwood and Shortwood

26th May 2020                           3.9.miles                      Map of walk

This is a walk along one side of the valley formed by the Miry Brook and back down the opposite side. We started in Newmarket Road, walked around the corner to Chestnut Hill, up to Dark Lane, then along a track along Bunting Hill to High Wood. We crossed Miry Brook, went up to Lower Lutheredge Farm, followed the track then road to Shortwood, then Walkley Wood, down to Price’s Mill and back to the car park.

The Britannia Inn, built early 1700s, with later addition

This is opposite the Britannia. On the right is the side of Stokes Croft

Memorial – In memory of short and bright lives

At the bottom of Chestnut Hill is Stokes Croft, c.1700, with shell hood over the doorway

The three gabled building is the Wool Loft, formerly Newman’s Wool Warehouse, dated 1726. The Cossack is on top of the building on the left

The Cossack of Cossack Square – he looks the same on the back too

Friends Meeting House – founded in 1680

The Old Shop, Chestnut Hill

We can see where we will go to later – top centre


Much later, we are looking back to where the last photo was taken (centre), and on the top right we can see the chapel we will go to next

By Shortwood Football ground is All Saints Chapel, which is up for sale at the moment. It was built in 1866 and closed in 2010

Next we will go down to the chapel in the valley

We have reached Newmarket Road. Originally called Shortwood Chapel, built in 1881, it is now called Christ Church (since 1967)

The car park is just down the road


Nailsworth to Windsoredge and Forest Green

28th December 2013                2.06 miles                     Map of walk

From the car park at the bottom of Newmarket Road, we walked to Cossack Square

The Britannia

2013-12-28 15.09.42 copy

then up Chestnut Hill

Shell doorway at Stokescroft, and door at the 17th century Friends’ Meeting House

2013-12-28 13.25.19 copy

2013-12-28 13.29.48 copy

The Old Wool Loft

2013-12-28 15.08.14 copy

Walking down to Windsoredge there is a fine view of the hidden Woodchester Valley, where there is a chain of lakes, and a mansion

2013-12-28 14.36.41 copy

Looking towards Stroud

2013-12-28 14.41.24 copy

Dunkirk Mill

2013-12-28 14.47.58 copy


This was Spring Hill Garage

2013-12-28 14.59.22 copy

Back in the town centre:

The Fountain, erected in 1862, has been moved three times


2013-12-28 15.20.17 copyThe clock tower is a war memorial

2013-12-28 15.29.44 copy

The Copper Kettle, which hangs in George Street, is said to hold 80 gallons.

2013-12-28 15.23.44 copy

There is a “normal size” kettle on the knob

2013-12-28 15.25.48 copy


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