Portchester Castle


A very impressive and well preserved castle, by Portsmouth harbour.

  • A Roman fort, built in the late 3rd century, which still has Roman walls and 16 of the original 20 Roman towers.
  • A Norman castle was built in a corner, within the Roman walls.
  • It was occupied into the 17th century.
  • In 1665 and the 18th century it was a prisoner-of-war camp.

Aerial view here -English Heritage – Portchester Castle, Hampshire

23rd October 2014                                                               All photos by Hetty

12th-century great tower, which was increased in height in the 14th century. Extra floors were put in during the Napoleonic wars to house 1,000 prisoners. It is the best preserved keep we have seen – you can climb to the top. S1054287 copy

Roman walls

 S1054287b copyS1054288 copy

The Land Gate (originally Roman)S1054292b copy

Entrance to the Norman castleS1054293 copy

S1054295 copy

S1054296 copy

Mr H listening to the audio tour – these were originally windows.S1054297 copy

  It was a Royal residence in the 1390sS1054299 copy

S1054300 copy

The harbour is still by its side.S1054303 copy

S1054305 copy

The Land Gate.S1054309 copy

Looking through a dirty window, high up in the great tower, to the Water Gate, harbour and church.S1054311 copy

S1054312 copy

The present parish church, the only surviving part of a priory, founded in the fort enclosure in about 1128S1054291 copy

Mr H by the church

S1054315 copy

  The Roman Water GateS1054317 copy

S1054319 copy

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