Staffordshire                                                              National Trust – Biddulph Grange Garden

29th August 2015                                                                            All photos by Hetty

The garden is a Victorian journey around the world, with tunnels and hidden paths. The house became a hospital and is now apartments.

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S1059084 copyS1059081 copy

S1059063 copyThere are huge fish in the lake

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S1059064 copy

The dahlia walk

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S1059049 copy S1059050 copyS1059051 copy


S1059052 copy S1059056 copy


S1059058 copyCheshire cottage

S1059062 copy S1059060 copy


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S1059061 copy

A Chinese temple

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Chinese bridge

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S1059066 copy

S1059068 copyS1059071 copy

Dragon Parterre

S1059073 copy S1059074 copy

S1059090 copy

The Joss House

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S1059076 copy


The house must have been very grand in its day

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