Coaley Peak and Woodchester Park

Gloucestershire                                                                                         Photos by Hetty

Coaley Peak

19th December 2020








Christmas Day 2019

Coaley Peak

It was such a lovely morning we had to go and see the view at Coaley Peak then have a late Christmas Dinner

We could see the peak of the Sugar Loaf Mountain near Abergavenny, Wales, in the Black Mountains (photo enhanced)


Coaley Peak to Woodchester Park

17th April 2016                                                                        A map of the walk is here

We started at the Coaley Peak picnic area on a beautiful day, with wonderful views. The tide must have been in, as the River Severn looked blue

S1050908 copy

and the Black Mountains were quite clear in the distance

S1050906 copy

Nympsfield Long Barrow  S1050913 copy S1050915 copy

Through Penn Wood, with bluebells

S1050920 copy

Up the track to Bown Hill farm – we can see Stroud and Rodborough Fort

S1050923 copy

S1050925 copy

the lambs are cuteS1050927 copy

Through the vineyards

S1050928 copy

S1050931 copy

and down to the chain of five lakes in the hidden Woodchester Park (National Trust)

S1050933 copy

S1050935 copy

S1050937 copy

S1050938 copy

S1050939 copy

S1050941 copy

S1050942 copy

S1050948 copy

S1050949 copyThe Tower – a folly – on Break Heart Hill

S1050951 copy

S1050952 copy

Primroses, and brown and white sheep

S1050954 copy


S1050967 copy

Woodchester Mansion comes into view

S1050968 copy

Designed by Benjamin Bucknall in the 1850s, it replaced a grand country house built in the 1740s.

S1050969 copy

Work stopped when the owner, William Leigh, died, and it was never finished

S1050970 copy

S1050972 copy

Wood anemones

S1050973 copy

A glider being pull up

S1050975 copyEntrance gates to the Mansion

S1050978 copy

Back at Coaley Peak

S1050982 copy

A lovely walk and catch up with friends, then a good meal at the Rose and Crown, Nymphsfield


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