Hanbury Hall


11th July 2015           All photos by Hetty

Hanbury Hall (National Trust)  was built in 1701, and lived in by 5 generations of the Vernon family

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It was a lovely day, and we had an unexpected bonus, as there was a flower festival here and morris dancing

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We walked up the avenue of oak trees and saw some tired sheep

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then lovely views to the north, and a former coach house

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up to the church on the top of a hill, which was once an Iron Age hill fort.

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with views south to the Cotswold Hills

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There has been a church here since Saxon times. The present one was rebuilt in the 1200s, has been added to, and restored in the 1840s.

Ambridge church in The Archers radio saga is based on this church.

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The Vernon Chapel has memorials to the family that built the big house

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Then back to the house, where some of the windows are painted on, where there should be fireplaces, judging by the chimney.


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This was the orangery, where they still grow orange and lemon trees

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There are several gardens,

– informal

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– the kitchen garden has chickens

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– formal early 18th century gardens have been recreated

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The parterre

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In the servants hall – now tearoom:

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In the house

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