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6th May 2015                                                                                         All photos by Hetty

Mdina was the capital of Malta, until Valletta was built in the 16th century. It is an ancient, fortified, walled town, perched on a rocky promontory in the centre of the island, with narrow streets and no traffic, only residents cars. The architecture is Norman and Baroque.

City walls and moat

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Main gateway, 1724

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You can see the sea on both sides of the island from the ramparts

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Mosta Dome

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The Cathedral of St Paul was rebuilt about 1700, after an earthquake. It has two clocks – one for time and one for date

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The cathedral museum has a lovely collection of silver items

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The cathedral is highly decorated

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and has a floor of marble gravestones

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St Paul outside St Paul’s Church at Rabat, the adjoining town

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Mdina, taken from the car on our way to the airport

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