Beverstone Church and Castle

Gloucestershire                                                  Photos by Hetty

19th October 2018

A visit with Stroud U3A Church History and Architecture Group

Beverstone Church was built in 1225 when Maurice de Gaunt rebuilt the Castle, but there may have been a church here before that. Additions were made in 1361 by Thomas Lord Berkeley when he refortified the Castle. Mr R S Holford of Westonbirt purchased the estate in 1842 and had repairs made to the church, but some features were lost. Restoration was started in the late 1800s,when the rood screen was reinstated.


15th century rood screen

It has an unusual passageway squint


Tudor pulpit

Norman doorway

The figure on the tower may be Saxon

There may be Saxon grave stones re-used in  the walls

The diagonal wall makes the squint passage

Ballflower decoration was popular in the 14th century

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Beverstone Castle was built by 1229. Much of it was destroyed in the English Civil War

Early 14th century gatehouse



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