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29th June 2020 – a grey windy summer day, but we enjoyed seeing the variety of swans, ducks and more

Black-necked swans all folded up

Coots have big feet

The moorhens had fluffy chicks, which scampered about

Some flamingos were inside

We enjoyed seeing the flamingos close up, as there were lots at Cagliari in Sardinia, but we only saw them in the distance.

These were excited to get to their feed

Can you sleep standing on one leg?

Stretching wings

There are flamingos from different parts of the world.

We enjoyed seeing the otters too

There are lots of teasels

Teasel flowering


Slimbridge Church and Village

19th January 2015      
It was a lovely sunny day, with ice on the puddles in the shade.

Click here for map of walk.             Distance 4 miles. Walk time 2hr 30 min.

Slimbridge Church dates from the 13th century. The spire was added in 1664

S1054847 copyThe vicarage behind the church has the remains of a moat.S1054851 copy

S1054808 copy

16th century sun dial on the porchS1054852 copy

Two corbells showing Elizabeth 1st and a famous AbbotS1054805 copy

S1054806 copyThe naveS1054859 copy

Lead font bowl, 1664S1054853 copy

The capitals on the columns have carved foliage – all different

S1054862 copyS1054855 copyS1054863 copy

14th century corbel heads

S1054858 copyS1054857 copy

SediliaS1054854 copy

S1054860 copyMemorial windows to Sir Peter Scott who founded the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

S1054861 copy

The Old MalthouseS1054810 copy

At Shepherd’s PatchS1054811 copy

Gloucester and Sharpness CanalS1054812 copy

S1054816 copy

S1054819 copy

A sign post. The 2 otters point to Gloucester and Sharpness. The flamingo is for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, and a hand for harmony.S1054823 copyPatch Bridge swinging aside for a boat to go through.S1054826 copy

S1054827 copy

S1054831 copy

A flock of birds (click to enlarge)S1054835 copy

S1054837 copy

S1054839 copy

S1054840 copy

A bridgeman’s house by Cambridge Arms BridgeS1054843 copy

A converted barnS1054846 copy

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