Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

27th April 2015                                                                                    Introduction to this holiday

Coming from Levanto, we arrived at the ‘new’ part of Monterosso. There is a giant holding up a terrace at the end of the beach

S1055904 copy S1055906 copy

We saw lots of cacti, in gardens and on the cliffs

S1055907 copy

Looking southS1055908 copy

Looking back to the Cape of Mesco that we have walked overS1055909 copy

We walked past this watch tower

S1055910 copy

around to the old part of Monterosso, which we looked down on as we continued towards Vernazza. Overlooking the town is a former monastery

S1055915 copy

On a wet day we returned to Monterosso and walked up to the monastery

S1055984 copy

S1055986 copy

Behind and above the monastery is a cemetery

S1055987 copy S1055990 copy S1055992 copy

Behind the town are steep terraces

S1055993 copy

In the narrow streets

S1055982 copyare two churches

S1055975 copy

S1055974 copy

S1055981 copyS1055978 copy

S1055976 copyS1055979 copy


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