Nago and Torbole

Lake Garda, Italy                                                                          Map of Lake Garda

Thursday 12th June 2014, day 7                                                All photos by Hetty

We took a bus from Riva to Nago. This house had a frieze of swans.

S1050536 copy

One of the many forts in the area from the 1860sS1050538 copy

Looking over Torbole to Lake Garda – The V on the right is the Ledro ValleyS1050543 copy

We went down hill to see these formations made by glaciers

S1050548 copy

S1050550 copy

One of them was at the top of this ladderS1050547 copyLooking at Monte BrioneS1050552 copy

Then we walked back up to NagoS1050555 copy

Next we walked from Nago to Tempesta on the lake shore

Map of walk   Distance 8.4 miles. Time 5 hours 20 mins

S1050556 copy

That is our path

S1050561 copy

Looking towards the Tenno valley above RivaS1050567 copy

Looking across Lake Garda to the Ledro valleyS1050568 copy

Looking down at TorboleS1050573 copy

We knew there were 400 steps

S1050574 copy

Just beautiful

S1050579 copy

There is Malcesine further down the lake shore, where we took the cable car up Monte Baldo

S1050580 copy

Down againS1050588 copy

It was a long way down all these staircases – we decided not to return this way!S1050590 copy

Riva del Garda, with the Tenno valley on the left

S1050594 copy

We reached Tempesta down on the lake shore and caught a bus back to Torbole, then walked ‘home’.

Torbole to Riva del Garda     Map of walk        Distance 3.7 miles. Time 1 hour 40 mins

TorboleS1050597 copy

S1050598 copy

The bridge across the river Sarca that flows into Lake Garda, with Monte Brione behindS1050603 copy

Looking north from the bridgeS1050604 copy

Looking back at our walk (yellow dots)

S1050607 copy a

S1050608 copy b

Next day – Arco

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