Liguria, Italy     Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                                      All photos by Hetty

1st May 2015                                                                                       Introduction to this holiday

A wet day today, so no hiking on the trails. Instead we took the train up the coast to Chiavari.

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The façade of the cathedral – there was a service going on when we looked in, but when we returned later the cathedral was closed until 3.30pm, so we didn’t get to see the lovely interior.

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Strelitzia = Bird of paradise, growing in the street

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A lot of the buildings are painted

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Arcaded streets

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Former Chiesa di San Francesco – now holds events

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Parco Villa Rocca – this was the garden of a grand house that is now a museum. It wasn’t raining, so we had a look around the botanical garden (€1 entry fee) and ate our sandwiches

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Turtles in the pond

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Piazza Matteotti from the gardens

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