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28th March 2017

Cricklade is a Saxon town which had a Royal Mint (for coins) 979 to 1100

We parked by the Town Hall, walked up High St, then along the Thames Path to North Meadow Nature Reserve, returning on the old railway line to St Sampson’s Church.

Late 17th century house

Sr Sampson’s huge tower seen between buildings in High St

Cricklade Hare-itage by the Town Council Offices – one of the hares of the Cotswold Hare Trail 2017

There is an unusual clock to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897 , and some interesting signs and iron work

White Hart 17th century

St Mary’s Church dates from the 12th century, and its tower was completed c. 1400. In front is a 14th-century limestone cross

Liz Harely outside the Red Lion

‘Fritil Harey’ by Meadow Park school

Swans preening by the Thames

Chapel near the site of a priory

The railings depict the rare Snakeshead Fritillary which flowers in April at North Meadow Nature Reserve

Remains of a Hovis lorry in a field

The Thames again

One of the horse had a pretty coat

17th century Jenner Hall – has been a school and a workhouse – and 14th century high cross in front

St Sampson’s was built on the remains of a Saxon church of AD 890. The main part of the church was built between 1240 and 1280, and the large tower in the 1500s

Saxon remains in the porch

Brass chandelier 1733

Fancy vaulting in the tower

15th century tomb


18th century bank, with former town hall, 1861, on the right – which became a glove factory in 1933, but now is council offices, library etc

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