Stanleys – Kings and Leonard

Stroud, Gloucestershire                                                              Photos by Hetty

Kings Stanley to Leonard Stanley

13th July 2020                     3.4 miles  Map of walk

Fairies at Woodside

The alpacas have had a haircut

What is this lookout in the woods for?

At Leonard Stanley: a Tudor house which survived the great fire in 1686

White Hart

Church Farm

High Border Lodge

Kings Stanley Church

November 15th 2019 – A visit with Stroud U3A Church History and Architecture Group

George and the dragon in the porch

Old ironwork on the door

Clutterbuck family memorials – one of the local clothier families

Thomas Clutterbuck’s chest (mediaeval)

It has the initials TC on the top

There are fancy memorials to the Paul and Wathen families of Woodchester, but the ones in the tower are difficult to see.

There are more photos of the church from a previous visit – see below


Kings Stanley

5th January 2017

St George’s Churchyard – can you see the dragon in the hedge, by the cross?

St George’s Church has 11th century origins and was restored in 1874-6. The manor used to be nearby, on the site of a Roman villa

Norman arch

Model of the church and some charity boards


19th century painted barrel-vault ceiling and a very fancy organ by Thomas Liddiatt

Painted ceiling of south aisle and chancel

Another monster in a garden

The King’s Head – 17th century

Kings Stanley

2nd January 2017                                                                        

A beautiful sunny day, but only 4 degrees C maximum!

2 miles – Map of walk

We parked in Kings Stanley. This house has a curved corner at the back and used to be the Red Lion Inn

15th to early 19th century buildings


Leonard Stanley

2nd January 2017

We walked from Kings Stanley to Leonard Stanley, and went into St Swithun’s church – once part of a priory. It has not changed much since it was completed in 1129. The roof is 14th century, and large windows were added in the 13th and 14th centuries. An extra storey was added to the tower in the 15th century. The original 10th/11th century Saxon chapel remains behind the church, now a farm building

Norman arch

with corbels similar to crocodiles

Nave with 14th century ‘wagon’ roofThere are two recessed tombs – the left one is 13th century with a later staircase to a doorway above, which once gave access to the Rood Screen (to light candles), which separated the locals from the monks

Capitals under the tower

17th century boards, with part of the Rood Beam from the nave

Chancel with Norman vaulting shafts supporting the ceilingwith very rare picture capitals

Mediaeval sculpture of Adam and Eve as animals

15th century west window, with modern stained glass

Royal Arms of William III, early 1700s


The ancient ‘Fieldgate’ clock mechanism known as ‘Old Solomon’, c.1700, was once in the tower. This arch once gave access to the cloister.

Information about Leonard Stanley

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