Stratford upon Avon


5th March 2015                                                                            All photos by Hetty

Stratford upon Avon was laid out as a new town in 1196, next to the village by the church.

Map of walk is here

The Gower Memorial, 1888, in Bancroft Gardens – Shakespeare is surrounded by:

Prince Hal,         Falstaff,

S1055169 copyS1055166 copy

Hamlet,                          and Lady Macbeth.

S1055243 copy S1055244 copy

Lovely to see crocuses outS1055171 copy

There used to be a tramway hereS1055173 copy

The Canal basin by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. S1055175 copy

Notice on the bridgeS1055176 copy

William Shakespeare was born in an upper room here in Henley St, in 1564. It was owned by the Shakespeare family until 1806S1055177 copy

The Christmas shop oppositeS1055179 copy

This is now the public libraryS1055181 copy

S1055182 copy

The white building, 1821, is on the site of the medieval market hall.S1055187 copyS1055186 copy

View down Bridge St, where market stalls used to be down the centreS1055183 copy

S1055184 copy

‘Marlowe’s Restaurant, newly built 1595’. Originally there were 7 gables.S1055189 copy

Some of the beams are carvedS1055190 copy

Harvard House, 1596, is on the right. John Harvard founded Harvard University in America.

In the centre is The Garrick Inn. It was covered in brick in the 18th century, and restored in 1913.S1055191 copy

The house on the left has had its gables altered. It has a carved corner post.S1055194 copyOld Bank, 1883, with a terracotta frieze depicting scenes from Shakespeare’s plays S1055196 copy

S1055195 copy

The Town Hall, 1767, originally open on the ground floor for market days, has a statue of Shakespeare.S1055197 copy

On the left is a mock Tudor front on a 16th century building,  while the right hand part is original 16th century.S1055199 copy

S1055200 copy

Falcon Hotel, c.1500, with top floor added mid-17th century


S1055202 copy

The brick house was also originally timber framed. The Guild Chapel was founded in 1269 as a hospital. The nave and tower were added in the 1490sS1055201 copy

Inside the Guild Chapel – the pews face each other.S1055203 copy

S1055206 copy

S1055208 copy

Some old houses have ‘new’ frontsS1055211 copy

Left is the Guild Hall, c.1420, now still a school, which Shakespeare is said to have attended. Right are almshouses, c.1500,

S1055212 copyS1055213 copy

1856 brick house.

S1055214 copy

At the end of the road, the house c.1690, is now a prep school. On the right is Trinity College apartments, a house in 1710. The top floor wad added in 1870 when it became a school.S1055216 copy

Town house 1760S1055217 copy

Hall’s Croft, early 17th century. Shakespeare’s daughter lived here.S1055218 copy

16th century, former outbuildings

S1055219 copy

Holy Trinity Church, 12th/ 13th/ 15th century, has the grave of Shakespeare inside.S1055220 copy

From near the church, towards the Royal Shakespeare TheatreS1055222 copy

We then walked along the river away from Stratford. What are these? There was a great heap of them in a fieldS1055230 copy

S1055229 copy

We crossed the river on Stannals Bridge, S1055233 copyand returned on the other side to Stratford.S1055234 copy

Fountain with swans on the top, 1996 S1055238 copy

S1055240 copy

S1055241 copy

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