Switzerland,  on the northern shore of Lake Maggiore                   Photos by Hetty

June 2013                                     Link to Switzerland map

We flew from Birmingham to Zurich, then caught a train to Locarno, on Lake Maggiore, one of the Italian lakes that is partly in Switzerland. We had lots of sunshine, it was very hot, and the scenery was wonderful.

We stayed for 2 weeks in a self-catering apartment with lovely views from the balcony

Day 1 – A wander around Locarno to get our bearings

Locarno lake side

Locarno castle

Locarno Piazza Grande

Locarno old town

Day 2  – link to Ascona to Brissago

Day 2 in the evening – we walked from the apartment in Locarno to Madonna della Sasso church

3.6km = 2.25 miles              ascent 500 ft, descent 500 ft

Day 3 – Link to Lugano – Monte Bre

Day 4 – The mountain behind Locarno

Orselina – Cardada – Cimetta 

We walked 9.2km = 5.75 miles  – ascent 875 ft descent 1700 ft

Funicular to  Orselina, then cable car to Cardada, then chairlift to Cimetta (5430 ft high)

View from Cimetta – you can see the Jungfrau and Monterosa

Lake Maggiore

We hiked to Cima della Trossa, then down to Cardada cable car

Day 5 – Train to Lugano Paridiso

Day 6   Bus to Porto Ronco & boat to Isole di Brissago botanical garden

Day 7  – Lake Maggiore Express

Day 8 – Collina Alta Path to Contra in the Verzasca Valley

Day 9 –  Val Verzasca  

Day 10 – Centovalli and Day 11 – Val Maggia – two valleys near Locarno

Also  Day 11 = Back in Locarno, we walked from the apartment along Via del Vigne to Lake Maggiorre

16th century mercenary building

Day 12 – Bellinzona

Day 13 – Lugano Paridiso

Back in Locarno – our last picnic by the Lake Maggiore at Locarno



Our bus stop to go up hill to our apartment

Day 14 – Train to Zurich

All images on the website copyrigy 4t of HettyHikes.co.uk

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