Wednesday 17th September 2014                                                      All photos by Hetty

We took the S-train from Copenhagen H to Køge (40 mins), where the old town centre is near the railway station. The tourist office has a free city walk leaflet, which tells you about the buildings.

Click here for Denmark map. You can zoom in

For a map of our walk click here.  Walk distance 3.5 miles, time 3 hours

Køge was founded by 1288 at the first place south of Copenhagen that had a natural harbour. It has a large number of well preserved half timbered houses in its centre.

1869 Statue of King Frederick VII (1808-1863) in Køge Torv (the largest town square away from Copenhagen). We were there on market day (the market dates from 13th century)1644 Richters Gard

A tannery was here 1770 to early 20th century. Built 1580 to 1600, it survived the big fire in 1633

Built in 1631 – the writing is in German

Goldsmith’s shop

Sankt Nicolai Church, from about 1400. The tower functioned as a fortification and lighthouse – a small ledge held a lantern.

Model of how the church developed

Unusual to see boats hanging in churches

The gallery 

Denmark’s oldest half timbered house from 1527, now a children’s library

Smedegarden -the smithy, built beginning of 16th century, with original porch stones

Since 1856 this has been a kindergarten, but it was built early 1600s. The pink house next door has been altered, but dates back to late 16th century.

Oluf Sanderson Gatehouse 1638

Denmark’s oldest Town Hall (1552)

Koge Museum 1610 & 1619

1620 (second storey)

Apotek, built in the 1660s as a pharmacy, with façade from 1865

The longest half timbered house in town, built 1636 for the mayor after the great fire of 1633

Oluf Jensens Gard with storehouses from 1850s

1638 – lovely carvings

Unusual seat

At the harbour – Monument for the Battle in KøgeBay – Danish victory over Sweden 1677The Old Customs House until 1954, built in 1847

Next we took the S-train to Karlslunde and walked along the beach to Greve

For map of our walk click here. 3 miles 1 hour 25 mins

Ramparts of WW1 Mosede Fort

Mosede Fiskerihavn

Beach houses

Some had boats

Next day – Ystad, Sweden

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