Rowlands Castle, Hampshire                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

2nd May 2017                                                           Historic Houses Association – free to friends

Stansted House, grounds, chapel, garden centre, farm shop, etc             Info about Stansted

The Chapel of St Paul was built in 1807 on the remains of the old Stanstead House. This began as a hunting lodge in the 11th century, and was ruined in 1644 in the Civil War.


An unusual shaped font

The new Stansted House was completed in 1684, but burnt down in 1900, and rebuilt on the same footprint. The house we see today is an Edwardian country house, with grand state rooms and extensive servants quarters.

Inside the house was a model railway with a model of the village of Rowlands Castle (temporary display)

Victorian walled garden

Glass houses (the one on the left has been restored and is now a tea room)

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