Herefordshire                                                                                       Photos by Hetty

3rd August 2018

On our way home from Ludlow we stopped at Leominster

The Priory Church was founded about 663. It was rebuilt in the 13th century as a monastery; part was demolished in the 16th century after the reformation; with Victorian restoration and additions in the 19th century

The west door has fine Norman carving

The nave on the left is Norman, and the one on the right was added in Victorian times

A green man

We had never seen a ducking stool before. It was last used in 1809

It looks like a good year for apples / Entrance to park

This is the ornate old market hall, which was originally open underneath. It was moved to the park in 1856, as it was blocking a road in the town centre. There is a model in the street near where is used to be

Market place

The Lion used to be a coaching inn

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