Sirmione, Desenzano and Gargnano

Lake Garda, Italy                                                                                    Map of Lake Garda

June 2014    Days 1 & 2                                                                     All photos by Hetty

Friday 6th June – We flew from Gatwick to Verona, then went by bus to Sirmione at the south of Lake Garda. We spent a week at the north of Lake Garda, and then a week in the Dolomites, in Val Gardena. It was wonderful.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy (50 km = 31 miles long, 350 m =1,150ft at its deepest point).

After leaving our bags at our hotel, we took a bus to the old part of Sirmione, on the two-mile long, narrow peninsula which juts out into Lake Garda.

SirmioneS1050317 copy

The lovely castle ‘Rocca Scaligera’ dates from the 13th century, was built on Roman foundations, and has water all around it.S1050320 copy

It has ‘fish-tail’ shaped battlements, and two drawbridgesS1050332 copyThe piazza in the pedestrianised old town.S1050319 copy

There are narrow streets and thermal springsS1050322 copy

On the headland at the end of the peninsula are roman ruins, but they were closed by the time we arrived in the evening.S1050323 copy

S1050326 copy

This church has a modern bell

S1050325 copy

A lovely sunset

S1050327 copy

Saturday 7th June – The next day we went by bus up the western side of Lake Garda, stopping off at Desenzano and Gargnano on the way to Riva del Garda.

Desenzano Del Garda,

View from the castle over the old town to the Sirmione peninsula.S1050336 copy

The Town Stone

  • was a pedestal for the town criers in the square,
  • and a place where bankrupt citizens were publicly punished by three smacks on their nude buttocks.

S1050334 copy

The Cathedral was built between 1586 and 1611S1050335 copy

Gargnano, on Lake Garda

S1050340 copy

S1050339 copy

S. Francesco Cloister – The monastery was founded in 1266, and the church was built in 1289.

S1050344 copyS1050343 copy

These are both Roman

S1050347 copyS1050346 copy

S1050342 copy

A lovely view while eating lunchS1050348 copy

S1050350 copy

Next day – Riva del Garda

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