Levanto to Monterosso

Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

26th April 2015                                                                            Introduction to this holiday

We walked from Levanto (where we were staying) to Monterosso

5 miles, about 3 hours, height gained 305 m = 1,000 feet

 From the sea-front we climbed up steep steps to the castle, then uphill

S1055869 copy

S1055870 copy

Looking down on Levanto

S1055877 copy

Outside an unusual B&B

S1055878 copy

S1055879 copy

S1055881 copy

S1055884 copy

Looking back to the northS1055887 copy

A path maybe, but not a cycle route

S1055888 copy

Looking back

S1055891 copy

On the top of the Cape of Mesco, there are eleventh century ruins of a small church, dedicated to San Antonio the Prior.

S1055895 copy

S1055896 copy

Looking south to the Cinque TerreS1055893 copy

There are steps nearly all the way down to Monterosso- we were glad to be going down, not upS1055899 copy

That’s where we came fromS1055901 copy

We are getting near the bottomS1055903 copy


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