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8th May 2015                                                                                         All photos by Hetty

A walk across a narrow part of Malta, 7.2km = 4.5 miles, nominal 2h 20min

Malta from our flight home

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We started at Għadira, Mellieħa Bay

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We see the Red Tower = St Agatha’s Tower

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Half way across, we can see both shores – where we are going, and where we came from

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Reaching to coast, we walk south to an inlet, and Popeye’s village, built for a film

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Further south down the coast

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Mellieħa Bay

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Ghajn Snuber Tower – there are lots of towers all around the coast

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There are not many wild flowers, but we did see some orchids

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Golden Bay

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This is where we hoped to see a good sunset

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