Pevensey Castle


Originally a Roman Fort, then a village, William the Conqueror and his army landed here in September 1066, when the sea still lapped the site. The sea is now nearly a mile away.

 English Heritage – Pevensey Castle, Sussex

22nd October 2014                                                             All photos by Hetty

A Norman castle was built within the Roman fort. It was a ruin by the 16th century.S1054264 copy

A moat still surrounds the castle (it would have been wider and deeper)S1054253 copy

Remains of the keepS1054254 copy

These large stone balls were used in a trebuchet – a type of catapult that was used as a siege engine in the Middle Ages.S1054256 copy

There are the stone foundations of a small chapelS1054255 copy

Elizabethan canon on replica carriageS1054261b copy

S1054261 copy

The castle was used in WW2S1054257 copy

Roman walls with towers still stand on 3 sides, up to 8m high – 2/3 of their original height.S1054258 copy

S1054260 copy

S1054262 copy

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