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27th April 2017

We used the Winchester City Walk leaflet to guide us around

Victorian Guildhall in the Broadway

Abbey House

Victorian statue of King Alfred the Great – Winchester was his capital city of Wessex


Bridge St

City Mill and City Bridge

The River Itchen formed a moat for the eastern side of the city, as well as powering 12 mills

Mediaeval city walls

Winchester College, founded in 1382

Winchester College

Winchester College

Kingsgate, 14th century city gate with ‘St Swithun upon Kingsgate’ church above


Inside St Swithuns

Under the gateway

Prior’s gate in the old City Wall, entrance to the Cathedral Close. The Close wall on the left was first built in Saxon times to separate the monastery from the town

The Prior’s Gate

Pilgrims Hall c. 1320 and Chayney Court

The Deanery, originally 13th century prior’s house

This church replaced the Old Minster in the 11th century and was the church of St Swithun’s Prior. After the dissolution of the monasteries it became the Cathedral and has been altered at various times

In the Dean Garnier Garden

This used to be the entrance to the Chapter House

Flying buttresses

West front of the Cathedral

This pub commemorates the diver who stopped the cathedral from collapsing

High St

The Parchment Street Kite Flyer

The Butter Cross

The Town Clock 1713

Statue of Queen Anne on the old Guildhall

The Westgate

God Begot House, 16th century, but dates from 1050

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