Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

April 2015                                                                            Introduction to this holiday

Levanto is an interesting town to stay in. We were in the modern part, but it has medieval as well as 17th & 18th century buildings.S1056303 copy


S1055868 copy

S1055867 copy

Medieval castle

S1056294 copy

Loggia and Restani House House – both 13th-century

S1056285 copy

S1056292 copy


S1056297 copySant’Andrea (Church of Saint Andrew) 13th century Ligurian Gothic style black and white bands, and a magnificent rose window



S1056298 copy


S1056301 copy

S1055864 copy

Piazza CavourThe former monastery now accommodates the tourist office, town hall, library and other municipal offices

S1055997 copy

S1056306 copy

There are lots of painted houses in the old centre

S1056281 copy

S1055965 copy

S1056282 copy

S1056283 copy

S1056305 copy

S1056307 copy

Chapel of San Giacomo 17th century, and the Church of Santa Maria della Costa

S1056287 copy

S1056289 copy

We could see this from our balcony

S1056081 copy


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