North-east Italy

September 6th 2016                                           Photos by Hetty

After looking around Aquileia, we caught the bus to Grado and looked around the historic centre.

Grado, like Venice, is on an island in a lagoon, and at one time it was more important than Venice. Both cities were formed by Romans fleeing from invasion on the mainland. The port at Grado took over from the river port at Aquileia. Now there is a long causeway, and it is a beach resort.

Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie, dates from the 4th century


inside S. Maria delle Grazie

s1050262-copyS. Maria delle Grazie has a mosaic floor


The Duomo or Basilica di Sant’Eufemia is the Cathedral. It dates from the 6th century and replaced an earlier church. It has a 15th century bell tower with a hollow copper statue of St Michael (1875) that rotates in the winds1050259-copy

s1050260-copyInside the cathedral, the unusual pulpit is 11th centurys1050264-copy6th century mosaic floor

s1050265-copyThe octagonal 5th century Baptistery and ancient sarcophagi

s1050267-copyThere is a small museum which has Roman grave stones

s1050268-copyand medieval church decorations



Here are the remains of a 6th century basilica with more mosaics



The promenade, looking east towards Trieste and Slovenia

s1050273-copyLooking north across the lagoon towards the mountains

s1050274-copyWe loved the dolphin fountains by the harbour-canal


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Trip details (if you are planning a visit – check times):

We caught the bus from Aquileia Centro


Bus SAF  Grado Autostazione (17.05) to Cervignano railway station (17.30)

Train Cervignano (17.51) to Latisana (18.12)

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