Bath Skyline Walk and Prior Park


2nd August 2015                                                                            All photos by Hetty

We parked at Bath University (pay & display, but free on Sundays), and did the Bath Skyline Walk.  9.5 miles, with downs and steep ups!

Click here for map of walk

First we walked through the woods and passed an old quarry.

S1058852 copy

A tramway used to take the stone down to the canalS1058854 copy

S1058856 copy

then the start of the views

S1058861 copy

S1058862 copy

S1058864 copy

Sham Castle, built for Ralph Allen in 1762 to enhance the view from his town house.

The back

S1058869 copy

S1058870 copy


S1058873 copy

view from Sham CastleS1058874 copy

frontS1058875 copy

S1058876 copy

Bath Abbey

S1058878 copy

S1058879 copy

Next down hill and steep uphill


S1058880 copy

S1058884 copy

We made a detour down to Prior Park Landscape Garden – National Trust. It was created for Ralph Allen, who became Bath’s Postmaster at age 19 in 1712, then improved the country’s postal system. He owned quarries that provide much of the stone to build Bath and built a mansion, in a park, to show off the stone.

S1058889 copy

A heron was watching

S1058890 copy

S1058895 copy

A rare Palladium bridge

S1058896 copy

S1058906 copy

The mansion is now a private school

S1058909 copy

S1058908 copy

View of the bridge from the houseS1058911 copy

Then back to the start through woods and fields

Cows of different coloursS1058916 copy

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