Concorde at Aerospace Bristol

Patchway, Bristol                                                                          

23rd January 2018                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

A visit with Stroud U3A photography group

In the beginning was the Bristol Tramway Company, 1874 – building trams and the Bristol tramway

1903 – Wright brothers manned flight of a powered heavier-than-air machine

1910 the British & Colonial Aeroplane Company started producing the Boxkite biplane in Bristol

After WW1 they diversified and made lorries

These 2 propellers move in opposite directions

After WW2 they diversified and built yachts


and twin rotor helicopters

You can go inside this part plane


Sea Harrier

Submarine and space

Cross section


Audio-visual show projected onto Concorde


Inside Concorde

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