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18th June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

On the way from Margate to Broadstairs, we stopped at Josh Bay and walked along the coast to Kingsgate Bay. (Broadstairs has seven bays)

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This castle is now on the edge of the cliff. It was built for servant and horses!

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Seagulls and chicks

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North Foreland Lighthouse  –  manned until 1998, the last in the countryS1058025 copy

In Broadstairs

Charles Dickens is associated with a lot of properties in Broadstairs

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York Gate (1540) originally had a portcullis and gates

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The large building is Bleak House – used by Charles Dickens as a holiday home. The Old Boathouse (white building on the right) has heads from wrecked ships

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Viking Bay – Hengist and Horsa landed here in 449

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 S1058041 copyThe pier dates from Tudor times

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Inside a former chapel, now bookshop, with real candles

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S1058064 copyA Victorian lady and a Victorian postbox

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Jubilee Clock Tower. The original one commemorated Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee, but it was burned down in the 1970s. This replacement celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee

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More in Victorian costumes at the Victorian Fayre

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Looking down on Viking Bay

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Now the Dickens House Museum, a character in David Copperfield was based on a lady that once lived here

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