North Devon                                                                                 Map of places visited on this trip

6th September 2017                                                                                       Photos by Hetty

Clovelly is a privately owned village that has been preserved as it was in the mid 1800s, and there are no cars. The dates on the houses are when they were restored

First we walked along the coast path on the cliffs to Angel Wings

and Gallantry Bower

Looking inland

Then we went to Clovelly Court Gardens

Victorian glass houses

A good crop of apples and pears

The church is next door to the gardens. It dates from the 12th century



It is 400ft down the very steep cobbled High Street to the harbour. Sledges are used for transporting things, as it is too steep for cars

This is the top of the cobbled main street. Donkeys were once used for transport, but now only children can have rides

The chapel was opened in 1948 for those who could not walk up the hill to the church

In the Fisherman’s cottage is life in the 1930s

Two cottages have carvings from Oberammergau in Germany

The tide was out, so the boats were high and dry in the small harbour

The beach has huge pebbles

At the end of the beach is a waterfall

The tide has come in


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