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31st July to 2nd August 2018             Map of walk 1  2.4 miles                 Map of walk 2       2.4 miles

We had a lovely stay in Ludlow – such a nice place to wander in the evenings, and a great castle to explore.

The castle was started in the 11th century, then the town was built on a grid system in the 12th century, and it was enclosed by walls with 7 gates in the 13th century. The castle was important until 1669 then it fell into decay. There are nearly 500 listed buildings in the town

Stone Buttercross 1746, with market on the ground floor

Castle Lodge rebuilt 1580

This one was newly built in 1656 after burning in the Civil War

15th century bridge over the River Teme

This white house was the grammar school from 1527 to 1977. The roof was raised in 1686 to accommodate boarders

The church was built about 1200

The Reader’s House by the church, 16th/17th century. From 1713 the Bible reader lived there

Very wonky windows

There are some yellow and white, as well as black and white houses


The Feathers was enlarged and given a new front in 1619, it became an inn about 1670 and a hotel in 1863


Ludlow castle was built in stages from 1075 to 1170, with Mediaeval and Tudor additions. After the Civil War it declined, but a mansion was built within the outer walls in 1811


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