Near Ledbury, Herefordshire

17th July 2016                                                    Photos by Hetty

Eastnor Castle is a member of the HHA.

It was built 1810-1824 and the same family still live there

The gatehouse

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You can see inside the castle here (scroll left and right for a virtual tour). There are lots of armour and lavish decoration

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5 copy

There is an arboretum

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We saw a heron and a game bird

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17 copy

and walked around the lake

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The Malvern Hills are near

22 copy

The ice house

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Unusual windows in the stable area

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Eastnor Village

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The 12th-century church was rebuilt in 1852, but the 14th century tower was retained

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S1052259 copy

Monuments of the Somers Cox family, who own the castle

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