Surrey                                                                      Map of trip

11th June 2015                                                       Photos by Hetty

On our way to Kent we stopped at Polesden Lacey (National Trust)

First we went for a walk around the estate – map of walk

There are several footbridges that join different parts of the garden

S1057543 copy

S1057544 copy

We passed this isolated youth hostel at the end of a trackS1057545 copy

View to the big house

S1057547 copy

S1057549 copy S1057550 copy

S1057572 copy

The water towerS1057559 copy




S1057561 copyWe went into the house

S1057578 copyS1057563 copy

Then a wander around the gardens

S1057569 copy

S1057570 copy

S1057571 copy


S1057574 copy S1057575 copy S1057576 copy
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