Grotta Gigante to Miramare Castle

North-east Italy

September 7th 2016                                           Photos by Hetty

We went by train to Trieste, then by bus to the Grotta Gigante – the world’s largest show cave (included in FVG card).

They made sure that we knew there were 500 steps down, 500 steps up and it was 11oC (30oC outside)

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Afterwards we took the bus to the Sanctuary of Monte Grisa, which we expected to be a small church. We were surprised to find it is a huge modern pyramid-like church, that we had seen from Trieste. It is a war memorial over looking the sea.



The views are fantastic – to Trieste  s1050297-copy

to the north


we could see Miramare Castle – where we are walking to


Looking back to the sanctuary

s1050299-copyWe walked along the 19th century Strada Vicentina. It is a wide flat road high above the sea. You can see the coast of Slovenia.


Then we walked down to Miramare Castle (included in FVG card), a nineteenth-century castle of white Istrian stone






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s1050301-copyWe didn’t have time to go into the castle unfortunately

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Trip details (if you are planning a visit – check times):

Train – Latisana (8.48) to Trieste (9.46)

Bus 42 – Trieste to Grotta Gigante


Bus 42 – Grotta Gigante (13.40) to Sanctuario Monte Grisa

Walk to Miramare Castle

Train Miramare (17.37) to Monfalcone (17.56)

Train Monfalcone (18.39) to Latisana (19.12)

Not all the trains stop at Miramare, but you can get a bus to Trieste then the train

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