Riva Del Garda

Lake Garda, Italy                                            Map of Lake Garda

June 2014                                                         All photos by Hetty

We stayed at Riva del Garda for a week, in an apartment 10 minutes walk north of the bus station, near a supermarket and regional products centre ( X marks the approx. spot)

Sunday 8th June, Day 3 – we walked to Porto San Nicolo and then part way up Monte Brione. We returned to the lake and walked along the lake shore to Riva del Garda, through the old town and back to ‘home’. Our walk is marked in yellow

Riva b

Riva del Garda ( 70m = 230ft above sea level) is on the left, Monte Brione (376m = 1,233ft) is in the centre, and Torbole on the right.

Map of walk             Distance 8.3 miles. time 5 hours 35 mins.

From Porto San Nicolo looking towards Monte Rocchetta, 1,575 m, west of Riva del Garda

S1050357 copy

Looking towards the west side of Lake GardaS1050361 copy

Torbole on the lake shore

S1050370 copyS1050366 copy

Looking south down Lake GardaS1050372 copy

Back down at Porto San NicololS1050374 copy

Along the lake shore to Riva del GardaS1050375 copy

Rocca di Riva – the castle surrounded by water, now a museum, originated in the 12th century.

S1050378 copy

S1050380 copy

S1050465 copy

S1050385 copy

This was a church, now you can walk through it. The ceiling is still thereS1050386 copy

S1050388 copy

One of the old town gatesS1050392 copy

Chiesa dell’Inviolata – This baroque church in Riva del Garda was built in 1603S1050393 copy

Next day Malcesine and Monte Baldo

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