Gloucestershire                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

13th August 2018                                                                           3.5 miles                 Map of walk

We parked at Seven Springs – this source of the River Thames is the furthest from its mouth, and never runs dry

Seven Springs House built 1850s, once a school

We walked through the small village of Coberley, to the church; which is nearer to the long gone Court and medieval centre

To get to the church – you open the gate (on the left) and walk through the farm

Above the archway

Coberley church originated in the 12th century, was enlarged in the 14th century and renovated in Victorian times

There is a curious low, small window, and a nice lion

Tea-caddy and tabletop tombs

Modern glass

Tombs of Sir Thomas Berkeley (who rebuilt the church), Lady Joan Berkeley, and a Berkeley child (presumably). The widowed Joan later became step-mother to Richard (Dick) Whittington. It is curious that her tomb is with her first husband; perhaps it was because her 2nd husband (Sir William de Whittington) was outlawed for marrying the Berkeley widow without Royal sanction, and had his estate confiscated.

The church was original part of Coberley Court, which is long gone, but this doorway led from the Court to the church

The church and farm

Upper Coberley – several barns are now accommodation

This small building by the Seven Springs crossroads was a parcel office in 1894 – parcels could be transferred from one carrier to another


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