At the point that divides Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy      All photos by Hetty

June 2017      3.9 miles       Map of walk    For a map of Lake Como, see introduction

Bellagio is at the centre of Lake Como, and we could see it from our apartment

We went by boat to Bellagio on our way back from Varenna

The town was decorated with ribbons

The streets are very narrow

Alley to the Lecco side of the lake


Villa Giulia overlooks the Lecco side of Lake Como,  and also has a view to the Como side of the lake, as there is a strip of grass from the villa to the Como side


A mausoleum

These ribbon decorations were all over the town, they must have used miles of ribbon

San Giovanni harbour

A traditional fishing boat – it can be covered to protect from sun or rain

A larger traditional boat for moving animals

The public garden

Bellagio from the ferry to Lenno

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