Lake Garda, Italy                                                       Map of Lake Garda

Friday 13th June 2014, day 8                                  All photos by Hetty

Map of walk          Distance 10 miles. Time 6 hours 20 mins.

We took a bus to Arco, where there is an ancient castle on a towering rockS1050614 copy

The castle from the town belowS1050616 copyFormer casinoS1050618 copy

The S. Maria Assunta Collegiate Church, 1613 to 1617

S1050619 copyS1050623 copy

S1050620 copyS1050621 copy

Former winter residence of Archduke Albert of AustriaS1050624 copy

He founded these botanic gardens in 1873

S1050634 copyS1050638 copy

S1050627 copyS1050628 copy

where we found turtles

S1050637 copy

S1050636 copy

The oldest part of the town of Arco is still surrounded by medieval walls and has narrow alleys and  small squaresS1050639 copy

We climbed up to the castle and looked down on the old town

S1050642 copyS1050660 copy

Looking towards Lake GardaS1050645 copy

It is quite a climb up to and within the castleS1050648 copy

S1050649 copy

Looking up the Sarca valley to the north from the top of the rockS1050651 copy

A 15th century picture shows that the town and castle used to be surrounded by waterS1050659 copy


S1050662 copyMr H bravely standing on a glass belvedere – he doesn’t like heightsS1050664 copy

S1050665 copy

Back down in the townS1050667 copy

S1050669 copy

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