Selva di Gardena = Wolkenstein

Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy               map of Val Gardena                Start of Val Gardena holiday

20th June 2014, day 15                                                                              All photos by Hetty

Map of walk  distance 4.25 miles,  time 3 hours

We saw some great sculptures and pretty housesS1051142 copy

S1051143 copyS1051250 copy

S1051253 copy

S1051314 copyS1051318 copy

This is Vallunga, a classic U shaped valley, and has the tiny Saint Sylvester’s Chapel, which is dedicated to the patron saint of cattleS1051324 copy

S1051325 copy

Inside are 300-year-old frescoes depicting the life of Jesus.

S1051327 copyS1051329 copy

Heading back to the entrance of the valley

S1051342 copyOne of the 15 Stations of the Cross of the “Via Crucis”

S1051344 copyThe ruins of Wolkenstein Castle, part way up the cliff

S1051353 copy

The head of the valley is a cirqueS1051357 copy

Selva, with the cable car we came down from CiampinolS1051358 copy


 There are still a few old farmsS1051368 copy

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