COMO to TORNO hike

Lombardy, Italy                                                                                                   All photos by Hetty

June 2017           9.25 miles   nearly 5 hours     Map of walk        For a map of Lake Como, see introduction

While staying in Como, we walked down to the lakeside, took the Como to Brunate funicular, walked to Torno, and returned to Como by boat.

Brunate is 500m (1,600 ft) above Como, but it only takes 7 minutes by funicular – you can see the route

The funicular opened in 1894 and these are parts of the old equipment

Chiesa di Sant’Andrea Apostolo, Brunate

There are fine villas here, and an unusual water fountain with a Campari advert

Looking down on Como

Looking down on Cernobbio

Much of the walk is through woods, so it is fairly shady, but the path can be narrow and above a steep drop at times.

Lovely views

Sasso di lupo – A huge rock that Mr H pretends to hold up

Crossing a landslip

It was worth a diversion at Montepiatto to a small church with a wonderful view, looking north up Lake Como

‘Pietra Pendula’

We are nearly in Torno

Many of the villages we saw had steep, narrow cobbled paths like this in Torno

Church by the harbour, Torno

Returning to Como by boat

Villa Erba


Volta’s temple

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