Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy                     map of Val Gardena              Start of Val Gardena holiday

18th June 2014, day 13                                                                            All photos by Hetty

We took a bus to the head of the Val Gardena valley and around to Rifugio Passo Sella at the mountain pass, 2180m. There we took the cable car to the arrow at Forcella Sassolungo, 2685m =8809 feet. The cable cars are like white telephone boxes – two men throw you in, you stand two per car – never been in ones like these before!1 copy

Looking down

3c copy

Marmolada and Punta Penia, 3344m6d copy

Mr H at the hut at the cable car station, 8809ft

7a copy

7b copy

Looking east, we couldn’t go much further7c copy

Looking down on Alpe di Suisi, where we walked yesterday7d copy

View from the cable car of ‘The City of Stones’, where we are going to walk next8 copy

Map of walk            Distance 3.4 miles, about 3 hours    

Rifugio Passo Sella, 2222m, via Comici hut 2153m, then up to Ciampinol 2254m

S1051080 copy

S1051081 copy

S1051074 copy

S1051075 copy


S1051077 copy

S1051076 copy


S1051082 copy

S1051084 copy

S1051083 copy

S1051087 copy

S1051089 copy

There are lots of cyclists, high up hereS1051108 copyWe have to walk up the zig-zag – better take our coats off firstS1051112 copy

S1051116 copy

Yesterday we walked across the Alpe di Suisi from A to B, and backS1051117 copy

St Ulrich and St ChristinaS1051120 copy

We made it to the Ciampinol cable car station

S1051126 copy

Looking back to C = The City of Stones

S1051127 copy

Selva di Gardena down below. L marks the Vallunga valley where we will walk another day

S1051131 copy

S1051135 copyb

We liked these stools in Ciampinol hutS1051138 copy

Then we took the cable car down to Selva and a bus back to St Ulrich


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